Anchor bolt connection is a basic type

The vertical positioning connection structure of the anchor bolt is suitable for the vertical positioning connection of the cross beam structure of the mast type mechanical equipment and the foundation concrete beam, so that the position of the anchor bolt has the diameter of the anchor bolt along the horizontal and vertical directions of the foundation beam and is not restricted by the concrete. The length can be changed according to specific requirements, so as to achieve standardization and serialization of prefabricated concrete foundations without weakening or minimizing the cross section of the concrete foundation beam to ensure foundation strength and integrity. Vertical positioning connection structure with wide applicability between mast-type mechanical equipment.

The foundation of anchor bolt connection is a basic type that is widely used in engineering today. This construction mode is a plan that is obtained after numerous efforts and summaries of numerous projects and continuous improvement. The process is becoming more and more mature and constantly being improved. There are also fixed construction rules and procedures in the operation process.

The utility model not only has convenient construction, but also acts as a fixed anchor for the newly added steel column leg. The internal force of the steel column leg is first transmitted to the original concrete frame beam through the anchor bolt and the limit plate, and then transmitted by the frame beam Give the original concrete column to achieve the purpose of anchoring the newly added steel column foot. The construction of the utility model can speed up the project progress, save the project investment cost, and achieve the best technical and economic effect.

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