Processing technology of blackened hexagon bolts

The processing technology of blackening hexagon bolts is divided into three types: blackening at low temperature, blackening at high temperature, and blackening by optical extinction.

1. Blackening at low temperature

The quality of the low-temperature blackening process of the hexagon bolt is better than that of the same industry. The treated workpiece has a blackening film that is firm, has good binding force, is dark after the oil seal, and has certain wear resistance. It meets the national standard GB / T15519, but it is not comparable to high temperature.

2. Blackening at high temperature

The hexagonal bolt has excellent blackening effect at high temperature, has good corrosion resistance, wear resistance, black film adhesion is very strong, the surface of the processed workpiece has wear resistance, friction reduction, scratch resistance, anti-bite, fatigue , Corrosion resistance and self-lubricating properties.

3. Optical extinction and blackening

The hexagonal bolt optical matting and blackening process is processed by a special method to make the workpiece matt, non-reflective black oxide film, blackening film strong, strong, no ash, and good wear resistance.

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