Application Area Of Butterfly Bolt

Butterfly-shaped plastic bolts have high-quality characteristics such as insulation, non-magnetic, corrosion resistance, beautiful appearance, and never rust. Modified engineering plastics have comparable strength and impact resistance to metals. The plastic screws we often say are nylon. After adding 30% glass fiber to the screw, its mechanical performance is far superior to ordinary nylon. The material of butterfly plastic bolt is becoming more and more diversified, the performance is constantly improving, and the application field is becoming wider and wider.

1. Medical device industry (insulation, non-magnetic, environmental protection, anti-interference number, make the use of medical machinery and equipment safer)

2. Wind power industry (isolation and insulation of the PCB board of the chassis)

3. Aerospace industry (Insulation, anti-interference number on electronic equipment)

4. Office equipment industry (never rust, beautiful and practical)

5. Petrochemical industry (high temperature resistance, chemical resistance, corrosion resistance, extended equipment life)

6. Electronics industry (insulation, anti-interference, light weight)

7. Communication industry (insulation, non-magnetic, safety)

8. Marine industry (acid, alkali, corrosion resistance, extended service life), etc ...

The specifications and sizes of the butterfly screws are complete to meet the needs of different occasions.

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