The main purpose of hot dip galvanized hexagon bolts

In daily life, bolts are used in a wide range. Whether at home or on the machine, you can see the bolts at any time, but do you know? There are actually many types of bolts. Some bolts may only be used in special places, such as Hot dip galvanized hexagon bolts, so what is the main purpose of this bolt? Let's take a look:

In fact, all hot dip galvanized bolts are generally suitable for outdoor use, and the most used occasions are bridge guards, power facilities, power grid architecture, etc. Of course, the use of these occasions also depends on the type of bolt.

For example, 8.8 grade hot-dip galvanized hexagon bolts, the main purpose of which is in power facilities, because power brackets need to use telephone poles, in order to prevent the power bracket from falling, this requires a certain strength to support, and 8.8 grade Hot dip galvanized hexagon socket head bolts can ensure the strength of the power bracket.

If it is used on a bridge, the requirements for bolts are particularly high. Generally, 10.9 grade steel structural bolts are hot dip galvanized.

In addition, there is a weaker grade 4.8 hot-dip galvanized hexagon socket head bolt, which will basically be used on the photovoltaic support. This is because the photovoltaic installation is basically on the ground, and there is no requirement for too much strength. Grade 4.8 is used. The cost is relatively low. In addition, on the highway, such strength bolts will also be used.

The above is the introduction of the main purpose of hot-dip galvanized hexagon socket head bolts. When using these bolts at ordinary times, it is necessary to choose the type of model in combination with the place of use.

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