Four advantages of hexagon socket bolts

Many objects in our lives are inseparable from bolts, a small bolt plays a big role, there are many types of bolts, different bolts play different roles

1. Large load force

Hexagon socket head bolts have more hands and have six sides, so compared to those of cross bolts or straight bolts, it can withstand a large load.

2. Beautiful installation

Since the hexagon socket bolt can be countersunk in actual use, that is, it can be screwed into the interior of the workpiece, so that the bolt can be prevented from being exposed on the surface of the workpiece, so that the entire workpiece is well flat.

3. Easy installation.

Hexagon socket head bolts can adapt to more assembly environments, and its installation and debugging are also very convenient.

4. Not easy to disassemble.

Some tools, such as wrenches, screwdrivers, etc., are used to fix and remove the bolts, but the hexagon socket bolts need special wrenches, so ordinary tools cannot be removed, thus ensuring its tightness.

The above are the four advantages of hexagon socket bolts. Each bolt has its unique advantages and application occasions. In order to avoid worries, you must clearly distinguish the characteristics of each bolt before choosing the bolt and choose the matching bolt.

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